Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mojave; 4:20 p.m.

At this time just a couple of days ago a band called Yeasayer supposedly blew it at Coachella. It has come to my attention that although their new song "O.N.E." and their 4:20 start time received honors from the crowd, people started leaving when Keating did his "robo-fart vocal thing" during one of their songs, reported one of the cynics at Pitchfork. I don't know how much I trust this person's opinion because I HAVE EVIDENCE that he just didn't enjoy himself at Coachella. From all of his reviews one would feel inclined to believe that his girlfriend broke up with him. BUT, in the case that he is right, I'm going to give Yeasayer and their 4-20 thing another go around. My roommate found some tickets online so we're heading to Seattle tomorrow for a little Yeasayer live.

I hear Coachella was pretty cool this year. This being so, I'll be going next year. Preferably with a press pass.

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