Friday, April 30, 2010

Youngin' On His Grind

Bringing back memories from last summer with Wiz Khalifa's brand new mixtape Kush & O.J. You can download it for free on myspace. Aside from being tatted from head to toe this cat has some serious momentum as we head in to Summer.

"Mommy I f***s wit' you. Borderline stuck wit' you. I roll up at the airport and stunt wit' you...No respect for niggas who smoke blunts wit' you"

Wiz Khalifa ft. Johnny Juliano - Pedal To the Metal

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Am!

By the end of the summer kevinthekid is going to get re-worked; I'll be making some changes to more efficiently throw all of this glory at you. In the meantime, a couple more toward the soundtrack of your life. Stick with me! You aren't going to want to miss this.

Grum - I Can't Shake this Feeling (DCUP)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danish Goods

I'm not one for all of the glitz & glam but I am always for for that f-fresh t-t-tee. You might catch me in a pair a shades too.

Monday, April 26, 2010

An Old Vice

Some people hoard their money, and others their candy. I use to enjoy hoarding my music. There was something about having a song or two that I knew no one had heard before that I could throw on and just let loose at a party or during late night moonlit drives knowing that everyone's heads were spinning to the audacity of the situation. Now, I want to pass the torch to you! Here are a few for those small hours.

Fear of Tigers - Fade to Grey (Visage)

Seb - The Other Side

A Little Angst For Your Ears

How are we going to convince the different people and religions around the world that, deep down, our generation just wants to dance and jam to good music? We don't want the responsibility of seeing that our huge armory of nuclear weapons are put to good use or that our young brothers and sisters get sent off to foreign places to fight on terms no one agrees with. Despite its economic standing, the United States is the most powerful country in the world because of the crucial role it has played internationally throughout the course of last 70 years. BUT we are a society upheld by self-seeking individuals. The country is just too damn big to see that everyones interests are accounted for. You know it's like cool, we all have lots to eat and are going to get our paychecks at the end of the week but is that it? Aside from maybe a little interaction with your community outside the work place, is that life? 

I want to pool more of our world's time and resources in to NASA and a legit space program so that we can discover new places deep in space. So we can find a spot to be unaffected by all the bullshit, kick it and just get down on the dance floor. That's what I want. The older I get the more I notice that this place is fucking LAME.

Galactical style vibe going on with these guys.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pick You Up

Right now I'm just going to go ahead and define an afternoon pick-me-up. It's when you present something to someone and that person accepts that thing as a truly awesome gift. It's so cool that it literally picks their spirit up and gets them pumped on life again. (Or vice versa--the action is done to you.) Frankly, I really enjoy afternoon pick-me-ups. Here's an afternoon pick me in the form of Sebastian Tellier.

HUGE REMIX: Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane)

And by the way, Keating's "robo" vocal thing..... is EPIC. They opened up their set with an enormous track called the children; Keating sounded like a 10 foot 450 LB giant. Great show.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Quick Exclamation.

Today (not for any specific reason) I urge you all to do as I am; which is seizing the day. While you're making the most out of the present time and giving little thought to the future, here are some JAMS to ease you along throughout your day. They are both sampled and displayed with perfection in a surf video called Modern Collective. In the film, these two songs are placed together with a few savage surfers that know how to get it done so you can imagine the sort of result you get when the two are OCCURRING AT THE SAME TIME.

Mojave; 4:20 p.m.

At this time just a couple of days ago a band called Yeasayer supposedly blew it at Coachella. It has come to my attention that although their new song "O.N.E." and their 4:20 start time received honors from the crowd, people started leaving when Keating did his "robo-fart vocal thing" during one of their songs, reported one of the cynics at Pitchfork. I don't know how much I trust this person's opinion because I HAVE EVIDENCE that he just didn't enjoy himself at Coachella. From all of his reviews one would feel inclined to believe that his girlfriend broke up with him. BUT, in the case that he is right, I'm going to give Yeasayer and their 4-20 thing another go around. My roommate found some tickets online so we're heading to Seattle tomorrow for a little Yeasayer live.

I hear Coachella was pretty cool this year. This being so, I'll be going next year. Preferably with a press pass.

Monday, April 19, 2010

inside the kid

I think I am going to devote my life to the creation and preservation of an unusual place. I want to work really hard to make my home (whatever city I decide to reside in) a place where you really will have to search hard for coca-cola signs and where McDonalds doesn't exist. With a little help I'd create a little niche that has nothing to do with any particular sort of economic system. Barter with your neighbor or exchange the morning's catch for a carpet cleaner or just borrow it; fuck. All the kids will be generated locally, everything locally made and locally grown. The community will have its own fundamentals aside from the rest of the world--no more than five and they're not spoken of very often because everyone has always known them. A place where the climate is just right. A place where you can come or you can go; somewhere you're always welcome to stay. A place where you can kick back and listen to Yeasayer.

" Love us being stupid together, woah!
You're stuck in my mind
All the time"

Yeasayer - I Remember
Yeasayer - ONE

Friday, April 16, 2010

The French Fix

It all began with a little Daft Punk here and there but I just wasn't satisfied. I NEEDED MORE! I didn't think it was that big of a deal until I realized that I had been completely desensitized from all other gratification that I had once received from other genres. fine morning I was touched by the hand of God. MAGICALLY, the ability to obtain massive quantities was forced upon me. 

When it reaches my ears all of the stress and pain is quickly swept away and replaced with euphoric sensations. Feelings you might compare with stumbling upon a cool abyss and being accompanied by a jaguar and pair of cockatoos. But, unlike the proper junkee, I do not stand corrected and am confident that I'll never shake this one. French House. Best? Van She.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coachella 2010

My Playlist

1. Jay Z - On To the Next One
2. Passion Pit - Little Secrets
3. Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance
4. Beach House - Silver Soul
5. David Guetta - When Love Takes Over
6. Die Antwoord - Zef Side (craziness)
7. Major Lazer - Keep It Goin' Louder
8. MGMT - Electric Feel
9. Tiesto - I Will Be Here
10. Miike Snow - Animal

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

 You may start to notice a modification in the quality of music that I select as I make preparations for my southern California homecoming. For the next four months, you will find selections fit only for the most apt beach-goer. So all of you outsiders, don't try and fool me with your sunglasses and your tight shorts when we show up. I would formally like to welcome you to the days during Spring when it's almost Summer.

1. Break One - Lightheart
2. Peter, Bjorn & John - Let's Call It Off

p.s There's a Bobby Ray craze going around right now. Here's a sample.

3. B.o.B. - Don't Break My Heart
I'm a firm believer that for something good to be good, you have to know what shitty is. So every once in a while I'm just going to write a broke ass post or two so you guys aren't spoiled all the time. Music will always be good don't trip. I'll be back later this afternoon to blow your mind.

Crazy how people can communicate through their music. The honorable Jimi Hendrix once said that music would replace weapons one day and that peace would be found through songs. Other bands just come straight out with it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Death, Taxes and Kevinthekid

One time I was asked if I knew what the two things that are guaranteed in life were. I probably said something like waves and chocolate milk (which in my opinion is a damn good answer.) But they challenged me by arguing that their two really uninteresting dinguses were death and taxes. Blah, blah, blah. Tonight I'm here to add a more optimistic one to the list--it's Sunday nights. I'm going to try my best to negate the other two by putting up some good music for everyone and making Sunday nights something to look forward to. From now on, expect some fine ditties here at kevinthekid on Sunday from here on out.

Over The Big Names in Hip-Hop

These guys just delivered their new mixtape Air Swell today and they will be dropping an album at the end of this summer like in August. I dig their style and appearance and they bring something new and different to the hip-hop scene that has been controlled by pimps and hos for long enough. I don't know about you guys but I could never relate to any of them--like I've never really had a jet plane or a red lambo. Don't get me wrong there are some great hip-hop songs out there but times are changing and there's literally a whole new sphere of music surfacing and it turns out that there's a lot of really good stuff being made.

These guys combine attributes from hip-hop while providing a house/electro back drop ALL FROM SCRATCH. This is what kevinthekid is all about--just straight monumental shit like you know? I hope they stick around for a while and keep their momentum and energy without blowing up too, too fast. Chiddy.

Chiddy Bang - Pass Out
Chiddy Bang - All Things Go
Chiddy Bang - Truth (Passion Pit)

Friday, April 9, 2010

It Is What You Make It

There's this dazzle in the air..... and it's giving me this sensation that there are going to be a lot of young people recklessly pursuing pleasure in all of the different cities out there on the skyline.

You KNOW that there are some people in Sydney and Barcelona and in Sweden and Norway that are just going to be getting it done right tonight; you can guarantee that. It's FRIDAY NIGHT across the world folks! This is one of the two nights of the week that is ABSOLUTELY inappropriate to sell short.

If you take all the people who are going out tonight across the world in to account--tonight is going to be GUSTO. There are only a few songs that can really give you that galactical attitude (the one and only frame of mind) suitable for nights COSI.

Hailing from somewhere in Italy--PHONAT. (curtain rises)

1. Phonat - Set Me Free
2. Phonat - Love Hits the Fan

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This brings to mind the philosophical idea that as humans we are nothing but freedom. Aside from living in peace and progress and many other things we are free to do whatever we want. We were never asked to be put here on earth, we just were and have grown in to and become ourselves. This being said, the hardest part is actually doing things and feeling free afterward. It's so easy to feel that we are being forced in to a daily submission for the sake and satisfaction of others. I have come to understand that this isn't so bad if you find a way to break the daily routine. Sleep, go to school, come home, kick it, party, whatever, fall asleep, wake up and do it all over again. Today's post goes out to being free and doing stupid, crazy, dumb stuff because we just want to feel the freedom that we essentially are. It's quite liberating if you think about it. Every once in a while, break the routine, go do something crazy.

Here's a legit song - run it.

1. French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night

2. Bubble Gum Sci Fi - The Reeling (Passion Pit)

3. Lo Fi Fnk - Want U

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Think Galactical

I want to fly but gravity has me stuck to ground. All I know is what I've experienced here on earth. When I look up at the stars it puts everything in to perspective (in its truest form.) We all live on islands surrounded by oceans on a humungous planet that's ripping a few thousand miles per hour through space. Yet we all still keep it close knit without ever straying too far from the norms. I don't know I could go on for a while but I'm on my way out the door--headed home. Ain't that some shit.

1.  Hyper Crush - Over (Drake)

2.  Drake - Over