Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This brings to mind the philosophical idea that as humans we are nothing but freedom. Aside from living in peace and progress and many other things we are free to do whatever we want. We were never asked to be put here on earth, we just were and have grown in to and become ourselves. This being said, the hardest part is actually doing things and feeling free afterward. It's so easy to feel that we are being forced in to a daily submission for the sake and satisfaction of others. I have come to understand that this isn't so bad if you find a way to break the daily routine. Sleep, go to school, come home, kick it, party, whatever, fall asleep, wake up and do it all over again. Today's post goes out to being free and doing stupid, crazy, dumb stuff because we just want to feel the freedom that we essentially are. It's quite liberating if you think about it. Every once in a while, break the routine, go do something crazy.

Here's a legit song - run it.

1. French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night

2. Bubble Gum Sci Fi - The Reeling (Passion Pit)

3. Lo Fi Fnk - Want U

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