Friday, April 9, 2010

It Is What You Make It

There's this dazzle in the air..... and it's giving me this sensation that there are going to be a lot of young people recklessly pursuing pleasure in all of the different cities out there on the skyline.

You KNOW that there are some people in Sydney and Barcelona and in Sweden and Norway that are just going to be getting it done right tonight; you can guarantee that. It's FRIDAY NIGHT across the world folks! This is one of the two nights of the week that is ABSOLUTELY inappropriate to sell short.

If you take all the people who are going out tonight across the world in to account--tonight is going to be GUSTO. There are only a few songs that can really give you that galactical attitude (the one and only frame of mind) suitable for nights COSI.

Hailing from somewhere in Italy--PHONAT. (curtain rises)

1. Phonat - Set Me Free
2. Phonat - Love Hits the Fan

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