Monday, April 19, 2010

inside the kid

I think I am going to devote my life to the creation and preservation of an unusual place. I want to work really hard to make my home (whatever city I decide to reside in) a place where you really will have to search hard for coca-cola signs and where McDonalds doesn't exist. With a little help I'd create a little niche that has nothing to do with any particular sort of economic system. Barter with your neighbor or exchange the morning's catch for a carpet cleaner or just borrow it; fuck. All the kids will be generated locally, everything locally made and locally grown. The community will have its own fundamentals aside from the rest of the world--no more than five and they're not spoken of very often because everyone has always known them. A place where the climate is just right. A place where you can come or you can go; somewhere you're always welcome to stay. A place where you can kick back and listen to Yeasayer.

" Love us being stupid together, woah!
You're stuck in my mind
All the time"

Yeasayer - I Remember
Yeasayer - ONE

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