Monday, July 19, 2010

Black Stone

Red Cups. Red Bull. Red Fire. Red Stripe. Read-y the Lights. A world of knowns hidden in the mysterious world of endless possibilities.  Its party time.  Left, right, and left again. Too much going on to completely grasp, but understanding the perfect amount; taking in just the right amount of information, alcohol, conversation, and jams.  Let it flow through your skin, through your blood.  You see thats the problem with most people when they party.  They try too hard.  Its a time to let loose, a time to let the music, girls, and alcohol consume you.  Allow the real kid to be released.  F*** you.  F*** that.  F*** her... I will, later though.  So next time your at that spot, where it just feels right, find a spot in the room, look around, and let the swagger transfer from the tunes to your extremities, and live.

Post Cooler Than Me remix it was Write To Make. Gigamesh. Signing off.

Estate - Write To Make (Gigamesh Remix) by Estate

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