Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Now, For the Moment You've All Been Waiting For...He's Sonny Moore

Back when I was a young buck, I used to listen to this band called From First To Last. Then one day Sonny Moore (lead vox) just bounced and started another project. It was a pretty epic project but unfortunately it was short lived. Then, BLOWE! CAUTION: Skrillex. ALERT: Take precaution before pressing play. From the filthiest of the filthy corners of the earth Skrillex came to his existence in the filthiest one. Sonny has officially gone from screamo/hardcore to Dubstep at its primest. From shitty ass venues to touring with Deamau5 right this very moment. Choppy and synthy and it's dirt. Dirt! Get your dirt hear! Dirt! Good price.
iSquare - Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex)

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