Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mickey!? Nope.

Le Castle Vania. This guy has quite the tour ahead of him. Everywhere from Puerto Rico to South Africa. Ridiculous, this DJ lifestyle. Props to his remix of Rich Girls by the Virgins. Featuring just the right amount of everything. Enjoy this one because he hasn't much of anything else to offer. So to pick up his slack, here's some of this Moss of Aura (so mellow!). Who, by the way, are playing a few shows on the east coast tomorrow night, this thursday night and this saturday night. They're probably going to be the next like Ratatat or whatever. Go get 'em!
The Virgins - Rich Girls (Le Castle Vania)

Sounds kind of like Mickey Avalon, a little like A Tribe Called Quest but a lot more trill.
Rapdragons - She Got Me (Moss of Aura)

Moss of Aura - Swilling

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