Monday, May 3, 2010

Put Your Hands Up In the O.M.G.!!

If you haven't met Rusko yet; he's a very well known still life painter, born in to a noble class family in early 19th century England. Today, he is admired for his ability to mesmerize his fans by casting spells on them with a whomp-stick (popular technique during the Renaissance). SYYKE! He's just some cockney thug who makes dubstep music but by the response of some of his audiences, it would be accurate to say that he does cast spells. The young chap who brought you a pretty wet remix of Kid Sister's Pro Nails and Da Cali Anthem releases his forthcoming album O.M.G. 
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko)

Rusko [feat. Gucci Mane] - Got Da Groove OFF O.M.G.


Rusko Live + Dubstep + Crazy Visuals = Coachella 2010   Vimeo.

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