Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's All Get Miserable!!

When I was in like the sixth or seventh grade I can remember being asked in several different classes what I thought was "my calling." One time I even got graded on my response. I never knew what to write so I just made up something that I thought my teacher would want to hear. I didn't know. I do now. I never knew how much courage it would take to man the cuss up and shoot for the stars. But you really don't have a choice because happiness is never a destination it is a state of mind. Do what you want. You have to. You only get one mother f-ing shot. Make something of yourself. Let the journey begin. The road home will always be right around the corner. Get miserable!

"The man who has never been miserable has nothing to paint about." - Van Gogh -- A man who wore rags, married a hooker and didn't start selling his paintings until he was thirty. A legend.
Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (LightsOverLA)

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Daze)

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