Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today, Call Me Deadmau5

Not only is it my birthday, but one week from today I GET TO SEE MY GIRLFRIEND. Some of you are probably already looking to see what songs I posted but if you haven't hold off for a second! ...As much as I want to slow down and just stare in to this girls eyes until I fall over dead, I won't. Because she might get over it. Can't be a punk either.

For Forrest Gump "life is like a box of never know what you're going to get" but for me I know when somethings creamy inside and when somethings nutty. This chick is SICK, it's plain as day. But when life hands me lemons, I STILL gotta add a little tequila, and salt, and make some margaritas. At least at this age. So in commemoration of my outstanding dance abilities and party logic. I'm going to celebrate my sophomore year as a legal drinker by going big (without getting in a car, peeing on anybody or while walking, or microwaving anything for more than 25 minutes.)

This song has always inspired me to go extra large when I feel extra small. I played this for the first time at a house party I had last summer (some of you will definitely remember). This verse:

"Can you stay up for the weekend
And blame god for looking too old
Can you find all that you stand for
Has it been replaced with mountains of gold?
You cannot dream yourself to notice
To feel pain and swallow with fear
Can you stay up for the weekend
Until next year"

combined with the Deadmau5 backdrop is a recipe for get the fuck up and dance. While Calvin is saying "God, I can't do this." Deadmau5 is replying "B.S." but magically.

1. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Deadmau5)

These other two songs are a few songs I made with a friend back home. They speak for themselves.

1. Let's Party

2. Life

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