Friday, November 19, 2010

Geisha Twins - Love Situation // Step Into the Light

Holdin' it down for my friends Geisha Twins (soundcloud)-- two young, up and coming producers Michael Verdugo and Zac Bolick, out of Oceanside, Ca. The beach vibes are prevalent! Much respect. Big fan of the filter as well. After a short convo earlier, here's what they have in store for the next few months.

GT:   "What we've got going on is a remix recently finished for [Stardust label mate] Yella Finesse with a song of his called Knew Disco which will be coming out on Stardust Records December 14th, and as for our song Love Situation -- we will hopefully have it completely ready for release in January. Be expecting remixes from Go Go Bizkitt, Dj Eq, Leonardus, Quintin 909, Joey Chicago, and Ivan The Terrible as our first release with them." -- Don't forget to go have a listen to that Yella track too it's fire.
Geisha Twins - Step Into the Light (California Filter House Remix) Preview

Geisha Twins - Step Into the Light (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix) Preview

Geisha Twins - Love Situation (Original)

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