Monday, August 16, 2010

Time Means Nothing!!

Tonight is one of those nights I could use a catchy anthem to put on repeeeeeeat. If for some reason you're in the same boat, I have got just the songs to put you right back on track. These two put that battery right back at working potential, working strength. The first song, a lyrical masterpiece from Lexicondon [new album out at the end of the month] This songs has like ten verses and they are all retardedly beneficial right now; incredible. And the second, a one of a kind track from the artist Error Love with their song called Nightlife Souvenirs.

"You play me like a deck of cards, my heart is soft but this is hard. The one night stay you know was right."

LexiconDon - Student Body

Error Love - Nightlife Souvenirs

p.s. These song will most likely get sniped. If you like a song that no longer exists on the site, leave a comment!

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